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Catrine Community Groups

An Introduction to all of Catrine villages community groups, what they do and who are involved.  All of our Village Community groups always look for volunteers, its a very rewarding way to spend a few hours, so please get in touch if you want to join in!

Catrine Community Action Plan Group  (CCAPG)

Volunteers who work on behalf of Catrine Community, providing events, activities and opportunities for the village, from Gardening to Cleaning up Catrine, events and lots more!

Catrine Community Council

Volunteers who help Catrine in matters pertaining to the council, caretakers of the village, providing such things as  hanging baskets, Christmas trees and Catrine's  fabulous "Make Catrine Sparkle" lantern parade and event, 

Catrine Games Hall

Registered Charity

Local sports hall saved from closure run by a dedicated group of volunteers for the community, offering many activities for young and old.

Catrine, Sorn & District Local History Group

Catrine, Sorn & District Local History Group, set up in April 1986, pursues a variety of activities

The 12 o'clock Gang
CCAP Group

A Catrine Warm Hub for the over 50s Soup, sandwiches, Cosy chat and activities

The Garden Club
CCAP Group

If you like the outdoors, want to learn all about gardening, this is for you, All ages and abilities more than welcome

Catrine Community Trust

A committee who currently hold the lease and run the AM Brown Institute, entrusted with the historical heritage areas in the village and the Voes, our village nature reserve.

Catrine Community Renewables

A Committee responsible for the Hydro scheme, funding awarded to the village for eventual outcome of the village receiving sustainable income from this resource.

Mama's Nest

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of mums via FREE self care support groups & classes

Catrine  Green Team
CCAP Group

Catrine Action Plan Groups Green Team will prioritise areas in the village that need tidied up, replanted, biodiversity and natural resources, they will also offer garden services to our local residents   Start Date tbc

Wildlife Warriors
CCAP Group

Catrine Community Action Plan Groups wildlife warriors teach, share and prioritise Catrine villages amazing array of wildlife, we hope to encourage improvements to our Nature Reserve "The Voes" and surrounding woodland   Start date TBC

Catrine Amateurs FC MTC

Catrine's local football team

Around the Village

We have a few Community Hubs, The CEVIC building and community garden, which Catrine Community Action Plan Group are trying to get back into community use, The AMB Institute which holds Food larders and activities, The Games Hall which caters for all ages and holds many activities, the warm hub at the Lodge St John for the over 50s

and we hope to build on these and start providing Catrine opportunity to flourish


CEVIC Centre

Closed at the moment, a beautiful and well apportioned Community building,

Catrine Games Hall

The Games Hall trust have just finished their full asset transfer for the Games Hall and have provided the village with a much needed service, many activities can be found to get involved with

AM Brown Institute

One of Catrine's Historical buildings, holding many museum pieces and an important part of Catrine's heritage

Lodge St John, Catrine

Here Catrine Community Action Plan Group hold their 12 o'clock gang warm hub for the over 50s Where social events and gatherings such as Bingo night are held in the village

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