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The Garden Club

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

CCAP Groups  Meg Sharp, a very knowledgeable and experienced horticulturist, shall be leading the way, all levels of experience more than welcome, from beginners to the seasoned gardener, there will be lots of interesting classes and activities through out the year!


Our Mission

The mission of Catrine Community Action Plan's Garden Club is to encourages all ages and experience to get involved in some horticulture, pass on knowledge, learn new skills and socialise whilst enjoying the outdoors.  We ultimately hope to teach and share how to grow your own food and flowers, the importance of pollinators and organic gardening, and whilst doing these things making Catrine beautiful and sustainable with new flowers, plants and food which will help restore a generation of gardening gurus and help restore our beautiful wildlife.

Some of our Activities

The Big Seed Sow

We are involved in the social media campaign #rhsbigseedsow  and on March 25th incorporated this with our first Garden Club Meet.

We planted edible flower seeds with educational talks and leaflets given out about edible flowers and the importance of flowers to pollinators and ultimately food.

Our Donors

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