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The Green Team

Our priorities are.........The green areas in the village, gaining a community garden that we can grow our own village fruit and veg, so we can run horticultural education classes for young and old, recruiting volunteers to help plant, re-wild and create areas of bio-diversity in our abundant village.  Holding a Catrine Village Flower and Veg show.

From cutting grass, growing and providing the village with flowers for the planters and beds around the village, to planting willow for "Make Catrine Sparkle" Lanterns, planting new shrubs and trees, native wildflowers around our woodland walks, encouraging pollinators and restoring lost habitats.

We also hope to offer gardening and Recycle centre run services to the village in the near future

All About the Green Team

Catrine Action Plan Groups Green Team will prioritise areas in the village that need tidied up, replanted, biodiversity and natural resources, they will also offer garden services to our local residents

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