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Our Natural Diversity

In 2006, the  Catrine Voes  (the reservoirs to the former cotton works), the Radical Brae and the Chapel Brae were designated as a Local Nature Reserve.  The surrounding woodlands and river walks are a haven for wildlife and birds of prey are often seen and heard.  We have Buzzards in summer, Heron, Wood peckers, owls, Oyster catchers, King fisher, Deer, otters, mink, pine martins, hedge hogs, and much more in our beautiful village.  The mixture of woodland and the River Ayr that runs through the village give us such a wonderful and diverse natural heritage.  We hope to improve and restore Catrine's natural beauty and encourage and educate to the betterment of this Natural Reserve.



Woodland Walks

The woodland walks, the river Ayr walk is a very popular walk through Catrine village, passing the Salmon leap, The voes through the village and then onto the River Ayr walk through the Path head woods (where the cup and rings can be found) and onto Mauchline at the Haugh. 


The Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve, the Voes, This used to be Catrine's diamond, a beautiful conservation area that had abundant wildlife, sadly over the last decade works of the hydro scheme have left the Nature side of the reserve in the back ground.  We hope to see some positive improvements to reinstate this area of local beauty soon.  



Local wildlife and birds

We have Buzzards in summer, Heron, Wood peckers, owls, Oyster catchers, King fisher.  Doves, Blue tit, Swifts, Bats, Robins, Thrush, Finches, Moor hens, Ducks, Long tailed tits, and many more, A Bird lovers paradise


Biodiversity and education

Catrine Community Action Group have started working towards utilising our abundance of natural heritage for education, social groups, and restoring our villages natural wildlife, working sustainably with biodiversity and going green at the core of our activities

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